ThingsSpot IIoT Gateway/Platform and NI High-performance Industrial Controller IC-3173 with built-in FPGA and rich communication capabilities is an ideal hardware-software pair for providing solutions to big world of IIoT.

ThingsSpot is designed to manage “Technological Zoo” TM in the plant with no changes in the existing ecosystem. It is an ideal solution for retrofit automation and control systems upgrade.
ThingsSpot IIoT Gateway/Platform is an Industrial IoT platform, which is designed to control and gather data from industrial controllers, PLCs, sensors, etc. and IoT devices log data to local database and visualize data on the configurable dashboards and push to the Clouds.
ThingsSpot is a Cross-Platform software designed for NI embedded controllers including NI CompactRIO, NI Single-Board RIO and NI IC Industrial Controller.
Together with user programmable FPGA and more than 50 C series modules ThingsSpot is the most flexible and powerful IIoT gateway in the World.

The ThingsSpot solution consists of the following main three parts: ThingsSpot gateway, ThingsSpot server and LabVIEW ThingsSpot API.

The ThingsSpot gateway along with NI Industrial Controller can transfer real-time data to analytics clouds or even to ThingsSpot server, where the main control and monitoring operations will be performed. It provides a common interface for accessing information and interacts with any kind of sensors and devices. It performs the role of intermediary between industrial devices and enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, Analytics, IoT cloud servers, etc. The gateway makes field data available to third-party applications through easy to use REST and MQTT APIs.

The ThingsSpot server has configurable intuitive dashboards, real-time and historical charts, data storing and analysis modules for wide range of areas, such as:
Industrial Automation
Building Automation
Smart City
Oil and Gas
Health and Medical
Condition Monitoring

The ThingsSpot along with LabVIEW ThingsSpot API toolkit can be used to build National Instruments’ hardware ecosystem for IIoT. The toolkit is designed for LabVIEW specialists to provide easy access to ThingsSpot gateway/platform from NI’s controllers, such as CompactRIO, sbRIO, SOM, etc. It automatically provides controller’s identification information and tags to server.

Gateway Specifications
IoT (MQTT, CoAP) and Industrial (Modbus, BACnet, KNX, LonWorks, OPC UA) protocols support
Ability to add new protocols via addons such as DALI, KNX, ZigBee, Z-Wave, LonTalk
Secured HTTP and MQTT protocols with TLS 1.2
Cloud connectivity (IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, GE Predix, Amazon AWS)
Data logging into the local database
LabVIEW ThingsSpot API
Server Specifications
IoT (MQTT, CoAP) and Industrial (Modbus, BACnet, KNX, LonWorks, OPC UA) protocols support
Various types of analysis modules such as machine vision, signal processing, etc.
Data logging into the local database
Cross platform Java-based server
Configurable dashboards for real-time control and monitoring
Real-time and historical charts
Web GUI with HTML5 and material design
100% No-Coding
Multi-user access
Event and alarm notifications via email and SMS
Reporting to Excel and PDF files
Possibility to connect to external databases
LabVIEW ThingsSpot API